Jesus and the NFL

10 Nov

EagleHelmetI have been keeping a secret… a secret that I am sure you will all find surprising.  I am a football fan!  Shocking, isn’t it? Is there anyone who knows me surprised to find out that I actually like football?

OK… maybe it isn’t all that surprising. Why didn’t it surprise any of you? It wasn’t a shock because I’ve made it rather obvious. If you have known me for any length of time, I have probably talked about football, or you have seen me in a football jersey, or heard me discussing our fantasy football league. Many people have even watched football at my house or seen me wearing one of my football ties. Not only is it evident that I like football, it is also obvious that my favorite team is the Eagles. In addition, the Eagles happen to be the favorite team of my entire family (not that they were ever given a choice.) If you see them, you’ll see them dressed in the appropriate attire for a football fan on the first Sunday of football season. Yes – I’ll confess, I am an Eagles fan.

Why does any of this matter? It matters, because as I thought about how obvious I have made it that I am an Eagles fan, I wondered how about how obvious it was that I am also Jesus fan. After all, what have the Eagles ever done for me? Sure, they have given me many hours of entertainment and lifted my spirits. But… there have been plenty of occasions where they have let me down too. Jesus, on the other hand has done everything for me. He created me, sustains me, guides me, and died for my sins. All my hope is in Christ. That being the case, it should be even more evident that my life is dedicated to Him than it is that I like a football team. I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with being an Eagles fan (being a Cowboys fan on the other hand, that’s different – someone should invent a pill to cure that), and the NFL has its share of solid Christian leadership – Reggie White was a powerful evangelist, both coaches of the past Superbowl are professing Christians, etc.  Enjoying football isn’t wrong, but I do find myself searching my heart to make sure it isn’t something that I am putting ahead of God. Do I need football – certainly not. Do I need God – absolutely.

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